Webmail Encryption

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Encryption and Signing using your existing webmail email addresses in a Mail Client
It's possible for you to use a mail client to collect, send, sign, encrypt and decrypt your email along with your existing webmail services such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Mail.com and so on. 

Using email encryption and signing with Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and others:

You will need to use a mail client program - Mozilla Thunderbird is the best option. Install and configure Thunderbird using these instructions.

Now, you will be ready to send and receive emails. Simply generate a key pair and you can now communicate securely!

Using email encryption and signing with Gmail:
Gmail is an excellent mail service - it comes with a free POP and SMTP service, so you do not need any Thunderbird extensions to use OpenPGP encryption with your Gmail account!  It's easy.

Simply download and install Mozilla Thunderbird, and add a new account using Gmail's instructions.

You can then configure Thunderbird to use OpenPGP encryption, generate a key pair and you're ready to communicate securely.

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