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On this page, I've provided links to some free software packages that use OpenPGP for encryption and verification purposes. These are all Open Source projects, and most should be available on multiple platforms, so you don't have to use Windows to be able to protect your privacy!

Email Client Plugins
PGP Links

Email Client Plugins:
These plugins allow you to use OpenPGP with the mail clients listed below. Others are available, so if you run into problems with one of these, try searching the web for one.  

Mozilla Thunderbird

This site has a list of clients that support PGP/MIME, but also has a list of plugins required for different mail clients. If your mail client isn't listed above, check it out.

PGP Links:
PGP software was originally developed by Phil Zimmermann.  You can read all his stories about the software's development, and the criminal proceedings brought against him for distributing PGP in 1991, and you can have a look at the PGP Commercial Software alternative to OpenPGP.

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