The Mobility Project

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The Mobility Project was developed by a group of people (myself included) to bring good encryption in a portable format. We released a version of Mobility Email which is currently available via the Sourceforge website - this relies on Thunderbird 1.5.x code.  Unfortunately, the development of Mobility Email has stalled due to several of the team member's work and personal commitments.  I have left information on Mobility Email below as the homepage with full details on the software has been withdrawn, but you may still find the software a useful and easy way to secure your communications when you are on-the-go.

The Mobility Project

Mobility Email - I've been working as part of the development team on Mobility Email for quite some time, and release day has finally arrived!

In summary, Mobility Email is a distribution of Mozilla Thunderbird that can be run without installation from a USB Flash Drive, iPod or hard disk for example.  It has been authorised for release by the Mozilla Corporation.

Mobility Email allows you to transport your entire email inbox simply on a USB stick, allowing you to plug it into any computer with a USB port and an internet connection, and communicate easily by email.

One of Mobility Email's key features is that it comes with support for both S/MIME and OpenPGP Signing and Encryption features built-in, allowing users to digitally sign and encrypt their emails wherever they are. It includes a new, cutting-edge CVS version of GnuPG allowing users to utilise the new, more secure DSA2 and SHA224 technologies not yet available in any other standard release email client. Mobility Email truly is a plug-and-go solution, requiring no lengthy set-up procedure.  Simply give Mobility Email your email account details, and you are ready to communicate securely using an excellent, portable email solution.  Mobility Email removes the single most significant obstacle to the use of encryption: complexity.

Crucially, Mobility Email is fully compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird extensions and themes since it is built on Thunderbird code.  It comes with its own theme (that you can disable if you don't like it) and several of the best extensions pre-installed.  These extensions include Enigmail, Contacts Sidebar and Webmail. The Webmail extension allows users of web-based email services (such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Lycos email, etc) to access their email from a mail client, meaning that you don't have to spend hours going from website to website, entering different usernames and passwords - Mobility Email does it all for you, and you don't have to pay for the webmail companiy's POP service either!  Mobility Email does it for you for free, and it's even compatible with Gmail accounts.  By integrating webmail accounts to Mobility Email, it allows users to use S/MIME or OpenPGP signing and encryption features with their existing accounts - this was previously not possible without specific software and an in-depth knowledge of GnuPG.  Mobility Email removes yet another boundary.

If you would prefer to install the software on your computer, links to everything you need to get started are on the downloads page - Mobility Email is really a portable solution, although it will work on your hard disk.

Mobility IM

Mobility IM - this is an Instant Messaging client that allows you to use AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, ICQ and Google Talk from one piece of software - you can connect to several different protocols at the same time and use one contacts list.  Crucially, Mobility IM allows you to encrypt your IM conversations so you can talk with the assurance of secured communications and you can guarantee that the person you are talking to is who they say they are. Furthermore, you don't have to use the encryption feature at all times, so you can talk to your current IM contacts without them having to change software too.
Mobility IM is based on the Gaim IM client, but it again has been specially packed to work as a mobile application, so you can run it anywhere from a USB flash drive without leaving any traces on the computer you use.

Again, Mobility IM is a portable distribution of software. The same functionality can be found by installing GAIM and the OTR Encryption Plugin.

Mobility IM is currently in development and we're planning on releasing a newly updated version very soon. The previous versions of Mobility IM are available on out Sourceforge site.

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