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About e-ignite:

e-ignite was primarily set up to provide simple, step-by-step instructions to those who were interested in using encryption with their email.  However, as more and more advanced questions were raised, the site became more of a resource for those using (primarily) OpenPGP technology for many different applications.  

e-ignite Branding:
Despite being a small site of "niche" appeal, it is still hoped that the e-ignite brand will be used correctly and hopefully recognised.  The only "brand" that is used is the name - e-ignite, where the leading "e" should not be capitalised.

Funding / Revenue:
The site has been entirely put together in spare time, and any costs associated with the site in terms of hosting fees etc have come out of pocket.  If you find e-ignite useful we gratefully accept PayPal donations of any amount to the address shown on the Contact page however we don't want to push begging banners in your face.

The content on e-ignite is subject to copyright.  Please see the copyright notice for details.

Any email addresses that are received as part of an enquiry via the e-ignite website are only used to respond to the query directly.  Email addresses are not ever added to any databases, sold, given away, publised etc.  We do not send emails as a matter of course (other than to reply to specific queries).  As with most websites, your IP address and other details about your browser and operating system are logged when you access e-ignite.  None of these details can be used to uniquely identify you, and these logs are not used for any purpose other than for server-security.

Please bear in mind that this is a privacy-related website.  Your privacy is safe here.

The majority of content on this website is related to free, open-source software.  The list of people involved in developing this software is far too long to publish here.  However, sincere thanks are extended to each and every one of the software developers for all their efforts.  If you feel the same, perhaps you would consider supporting the Free Software Foundation to help promote these and similar software projects.

The majority of content on this site has been compiled as a result of the extremely helpful and friendly people on the Enigmail mailing list answering all my questions.  Thanks guys!

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