Encryption and Security

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The purpose of this section of the website is to provide you with detailed step-by-step guides on setting up and using encryption with your digital communications, but also provides more detailed "expert" settings for more advanced use.  The most popular links on this site are shown below, and a basic Q&A has been provided to explain why you may wish (or need) to use encryption at all.

Popular Links:

Setting up OpenPGP encryption and email signing

Setting up S/MIME (Certificate-based) encryption and email signing

Encrypt your webmail (eg. Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail)

OpenPGP Command Line settings

Anonymous Surfing


The Basics
So let's get started.  Here are the basics of email encryption, and how to get started with it.  This page gives you a bit of general information on the principles of encryption, and detailed instructions are provided throughout the site - feel free to browse around using the navigation buttons on the left of your screen.

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