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Previously, packages containing all the components required for encrypted email were available from this site. Due to a lack of time, it became impractical to update these packages to ensure users had the latest versions of the software and this, in itself, resulted in security issues. Please use the links below to download the latest versions of the required software for your system.

Cryptography-related downloads:

Mozilla Thunderbird - An excellent, free email client.

Enigmail - An excellent encryption plugin for Thunderbird.

GnuPG - The encryption engine behind OpenPGP.

GPGee - A Windows Explorer right-click extension so you can encrypt, sign and verify files.

Symantec Drive Encryption - A commercial drive encryption software solution that uses PGP technology.  A good replacement fro the now defunct TrueCrypt.

Eraser - Securely deletes data from your hard disk by overwriting it so it can't be recovered.

Other Useful Software:
Here are a few links for non-encryption related software that I have used and can recommend.

Mozilla Firefox - The best web-browser around.  Open source and completely free.

AVG AntiVirus - A free, fully-featured AntiVirus package.

Comodo Personal Firewall - A free, well-featured firewall. Essential if you use the internet.

SpyBot - An excellent free anti-spyware package.  Get rid of malware now!

CDex - An excellent free program for high-quality mp3 (and other format) ripping.

Real Alternative - Play Real Player streaming media without having to install Real Player.

TugZip - An excellent free archive utility.  Supports most compression formats.

NVU - A free, web authoring tool. Simple interface, great for HTML editing.

PC Inspector File Recovery - Recover accidentally deleted or lost files for free.

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